Mallito is a web based collector of all your posts in your website including
products, services and blogs. The idea for creating Mallito, side-to-side with Trioclicks,
was giving our customers an extra opportunity to be as much as possible, reachable
and up-to-date with demand of end clients-buyers.
Mallito’s body structure is developed in such way that buyers can find with ease every
item that belongs there. This is reached via visual item presence in home page and
under categories listed on Mallito website and App.
Mallito is specific in its own way being different from other all-in-one platforms,
representing items visually with photos and short description. Every buyer interested in
the certain item after clicking on it, automatically is headed to our customer website.
This is meant to be a win-win situation, where our customer gets a new interested buyer
in their website and, so does the buyer easily find the information about the item looking
for. It spares a lot of time for buyer and gives an extra chance for Trioclicks customers
to reach its purpose, and make their website a profitable tool.
Mallito application is available in iOS and Android and is free to download.

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